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From the team that brought you Wackibandz comes Wackisnapz – the best way

to snap ‘n’ wrap a little bit of attitude on you.
With 18 styles including TXT, Graphics and Wackisnapz Watches,

it’s easy to make a statement that’s bold, colourful and totally addictive to play with.

snap n wrap

Made of super-soft silicone, Wackisnapz will wrap around pretty much anything. You can snap them onto your wrists, ankles, upper arms or attach them to your bags,

belts and straps – anywhere you want to make a statement or show your

personality and flair.
Wackisnapz will be available from all good newsagents, toy stores and gift

shops from June 2011.


Wackisnapz TXT

TXT range


Wackisnapz Graphics

graphic range



Wackisnapz Watches

wackisnapz watches







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