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Fun Stuff at Wackibandz



Wackibandz Tree

Wackibandz trees are a great way of storing your Wackibandz while you’re not wearing them.


They keep each band separate and on display.


Making a Wackibandz tree is easy with our super simple instructions available for download here.


Don't forget to use cardboard!




Wackibandz Ball

Wackibandz balls are the best way to keep your bandz together!

Put it together all at once or just keep adding to it one at a time until it’s just the right size for you. Throw it, squeeze it or bounce it - this is one project that's never completed, because you can just keep on adding more and more Wackibandz! And best bit, once you start taking the bandz off they’ll STILL bounce back to their original fun shape!


Step 1. Start the ball. Wrap a single Wackiband around the top of a pencil or pen. Then slide the rubber band off the end to get a Wackiband knot.

Step 2. Get your Wackiband knot as small and round as possible. Try folding it in half and then in half again.


Step 3. Start wrapping Wackibandz around the Wackiband knot to create your very own Wackibandz ball. (Because it’s sooo small to start off you may have to


wrap each Wackiband around your knot a few times to get it nice and tight.)

Did you know? The current world record for the largest rubber band ball weighs over 4,000 kg (9,000 lbs), is more than 6 feet tall and made of over 700,000 rubber bands!



Wackibandz Jump Rope

A great way to keep yourself AND your Wackibandz active is a simple jump rope. It’s easy to make using Wackibandz or if you’ve got a group of friends and want something a bit more difficult try a game of Chinese jump rope.


Step 1. Place two Wackibandz end to end. Lay one slightly over the end of the other so that they overlap.


Step 2. Grasp the Wackiband that’s underneath and pull the overlapped end through the Wackiband above. Pull the bottom Wackiband through its own loop.


Step 3. Tighten the link.


Step 4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3, creating more chains until the Wackibandz


chain is as long as you like your jump rope. You might need to give it a test jump to see if it’s long enough.


Step 5. Tie the ends in a secure knot if you want to make a Chinese jump rope or if you want a simple Wackibandz jump rope simply loop the end bandz around your wrist and start jumping!



Wackibandz Hand Shooter

You don’t need anything except a Wackiband and your hand to become the fastest gun slinger in your home. But remember Wackikids – keep it safe and never launch Wackibandz at a person’s face or at an animal!


Step 1. Prepare your hand. Hold your hand in the classic gun shape.

Step 2. Load your Wackiband. Slip one end of the Wackiband so your holding it between your pinky (little finger) and your palm.

Step 3. Wrap the other end behind your thumb (the top of the gun) and then hook the end around your index finger (the barrel). Now you’re loaded!

Step 4. Release your pinky to fire away!







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